Feed (2005)Feed (2005) Online Free Movie Download


Initial release: 2005
Director: Brett Leonard
Running time: 109 minutes
Genres: Thriller, Sex, Psychological thriller, Crime Fiction, Mystery, World cinema, Crime Thriller


Movie Info

Feed is an Australian thriller movie directed by the acclaimed director Brett Leonard. The plot of the movie is extremely unique and interesting in terms of its design. The sexual fetish of feederism is the epicenter of the movie in which women who get sexual desire by eating, are fed by some people. The subjects of love and power are minutely covered in the movie. However, the film had similarities with “Rotenburg Cannibal” from Armin Meiwes but it was different in its own approach. It was released in the US on 31 March 2006. It held moderate reviews from the critics and did not explode at the box office as expected.

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